I'm a little teapot came about in 2014 while planning my own wedding. I had a vintage theme in my head and with no one in Whangarei catering to this I started collecting my own.

I scoured op shops all over NZ on the hunt for plates, crystalware and all sorts of vintage props.

With a gap in the market I decided to make it a full-time thing - we also launched Becky - The Caravan Bar. We had Becky at our wedding but back then she was just a shell - since then she has had a complete glam up and we had our first wedding in November 2016. 

I have also recently teamed up with a friend to make Two Blonde - an on the day co-ordination service which has had an amazing response and between the hirage and this, our weekends are pretty hectic - Which we love!

We don't have a fancy showroom or anything but you are more than welcome to come view bits which we have set up at my house by appointment.



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